G1 Garlic

Experience the agricultural breakthrough of G1 Garlic from Arain Agro Farm. This remarkable variety, introduced by the National Agricultural Research Council (NARC), is revolutionizing garlic cultivation in Pakistan. Developed by the late Dr. Hamayun Khan, a visionary agricultural scientist, G1 Garlic offers an incredible opportunity to enhance local production and reduce reliance on garlic imports, which account for a substantial portion of the market.

With impressive yields ranging from 200 to 250 maunds per acre, compared to the average yield of 70 to 80 maunds per acre from traditional varieties, G1 Garlic is exceeding farmers' expectations. The bulbs of G1 Garlic are not only larger, weighing in at 250-450+ grams, but also boast higher nutritional value compared to ordinary and imported garlic. This combination of increased yield and superior quality positions G1 Garlic as a potential game-changer for the farming community.

Farmers from various regions, including Swabi, Charsadda, Lahore, Multan, and more, have reported successful bumper crops with G1 Garlic, highlighting its adaptability to different climates and soil conditions. This versatile variety has the potential to transform the agricultural landscape, allowing farmers across the country to generate significant revenue. As demand for G1 Garlic continues to rise due to its medicinal benefits and culinary popularity, the market potential is immense. Arain Agro Farm is proud to offer this exceptional variety, providing farmers with high-quality seeds and support to maximize their profits and contribute to the national garlic production. Join the G1 Garlic movement and embark on a journey of success with Arain Agro Farm.